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Esther 6-10

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What is the Theme? 


The Book of Esther closes with the account of establishing the Feast of Purim.  This is celebrated today annually (in the Spring).  The Feast celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from fearful danger.  Although they had forsaken God, He had spared them. (How many times has God done this!)

This book of Esther is an important link in a chain of events that tells of reestablishing the Hebrew nation in their own land in preparation of the coming of the Messiah into the World (read that sentence twice). I know there are parts of this book that moved you. If you had to write a blog about it instead of me…what would you write??  Write me a blog to read.


Esther 1-5

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I truly do not know what to write.  I feel like I am reading fiction but here is the deal…we are not!  As little as 100 years ago archeologist dug up parts of this area “Susa”, today in Iraq and found clay tablets linking the Persian King with Mordecai.

Since I am at a loss for words (Karen I heard you say “Amen” across Mansker Farms) I want to know what you think of the first 5 Chapters of this book. What are you thinking about? The less I write the more YOU do.

Here are my thought: Women are so important to God.  Just as God would use men like Moses, Elijah or Peter.  God uses women of the Bible for His purposes too. Let’s see, we have had

  • Zipporah, Moses wife
  • Miriam, Moses sister
  • Sarah, the wife of Abraham
  • Hagar’s Sarah’s maid
  • Rachel, the wife of Jacob
  • Dinah, the daughter of Jacob
  • Tamar, the daughter of David
  • Ruth, the wife of Boaz
  • Delilah, Samson’s wife
  • Deborah!  My favorite Judge
  • Rahab, a harlot who hid the Jewish spies
  • Hannah, Samuel’s mother
  • Bathsheba, David’s mother
  • Eve!

That is just to name a few of the OT women God used to bring His Covenant forward.

Esther Overview

This might move up into the TOP 3 of your all time favorite Books in the Bible.  Let me also point out how wonderful it is that you are doing this CHRONOLOGICALLY!  If you had read this before Nehemiah, it would not make sense, since this is the book that makes Nehemiah POSSIBLE.  So on your mental timeline, this is in the time of Ezra but 30 years before Nehemiah will rebuild the Temple walls.  The temple is up, just without protection of walls.

OK, recall the statue of Daniel if you have to.  We are still under the Empire of PERSIA.  (the chest of the Statue).  Here Look at the timeline I sent you.

We are at #5 Xerxes (Ahasueres).  Hope the visual helped.   WHen Esther opens tomorrow  with  “This is what happened in the time of Xerxes….” you can know where that is.  See you get smarter everyday.

I don’t want to write too much because the Book will be awesome to I will just set the stage.  There was a huge battle in 480B.C. the Battle of Salamis.  Historians say this huge feast set in Esther was the banquet preparing for that Battle.    SO what you are going to see is How God Orchestrates the Lives of Others in order to Fulfill his Plan of Salvation and Keep His Covenant Alive!  The Jewish people are DECREED by the King’s decree to be ABOLISHED!  Say What????  WE know this cannot happen.  If they are abolished, then how will the promise of the Messiah come?  So God uses a woman named Esther (means hidden) to Save His People.

Here is the question of the hour.  Are you ‘usable’?  Are you willing?  No matter what the cost?  Who controls your life…you or Him?  I am just sayin’.

In this Book you will not see the ‘word’ Lord but you will certainly see HIM!