2 and 3 John

2  very very short books but why would GOD include them in His Bible?  John is the penned author and is being heavily persecuted.  I mean heavy and yet his focus in on FALSE teaching.  John goes on to say it comes straight from the anti Christ Himself.  I have several audio CDs on  sects of  church that has its entire foundation on False Teachings. How can we test it today….well to start make sure your Church and its teaching line up with the NEW Covenant.  False teachings either bring in the LAW, model the Old Testament  or the opposite, self spirituality.
Who is the Head of the Church?  Jesus Christ.  During this Time God chose to COLLAPSE the Temple in 70 AD BECAUSE people were still modeling the OLD way of worship (many orthodox churches still do)  It is wrong,  The flip side to that is a church that falls into what I call the “Oprah” category, where it is “personal” and different for each of us.  “You have your walk and I have mine”.  Does the Bible say that?  Anywhere?  No.
So as I sit here and ask myself…is my Doctrine Safe?  Am I a Christian or have I been deceived by the modern churches I have learned from.  Well, John’s 3 books talks about TESTING ourself to see if we are Christian (not looking at others for a change)

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