Revelation Overview

We started on Day 1 (Gen 3) with the beginning of a battle between God and Satan and now we are going to see how it is all going to end. This book will tell of a war between 2 kingdoms: God’s Kingdom (the New Jerusalem) and Satan’s Kingdom (Babylon).

John the apostle survived waves of persecution.  The first being under Nero (in the 60′s), where both Paul and Peter did not survive and then under Emperor Domitian when in a short period of time 40,000 Christians were tortured then killed.   The third wave was about to begin under  Trajan.  It was extremely dark days for the Church.  By the way, one of the torture/execution styles was to  dip Christians in boiling oil, sometimes head first.  Tradition has it that John was boiled in oil and survived it, so that is why he was exiled to the Greek Island of Patmos.  This Island is where John got the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Revelation means the unveiling.  The theme is Jesus.  So all together it means, The Unveiling of Jesus Christ.  It tells of the second coming, the millennial reign on earth, His judgment of the earth and describes His final Victory over our enemy, Satan.  As we read of the Wrath of God we must know that this is an OPTIMISTIC book if you are a Christian.  We are assured and reassured that we as Christians are under God’s protection with a life of everlasting “Blessedness”.

Revelation is full of Old Testament references (not quotes) upward of almost 300.  However, when we read it, it is NOT about explaining every detail it is about the overall theme of Jesus.  There are so many views on Revelation and so much no one understands.  I will be reading it literal and futuristic.  I believe that it is talking about events that are yet to come and I believe that every word is literal, not theoretical.

I by NO MEANS feel adequate to even think I will understand much of this book so I will be heavily in prayer.  The only question I think we need to ask ourselves is if this happens today, (and it very much could) Are you prepared? Is your family?


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