1 John

Wow.  It all boils down to 1 John.  God tells us through John that there WILL be evidence in our Salvation and if there is not…well you can guess.  Besides rebuking these gnostic views God speaks about the evidence of Love in us.  If God is in us it comes out in the form of Love.  In this book,  there are 7 evidences of Salvation.  Now with that said, will we be perfect, NO, but there will be a behavioral difference.

  1. Do you walk in the light?  In other words, where are you hanging? Are you attracted to hanging out with other Christians or people who make no regard for the Lord.
  2. Do you admit that you are a sinner and that the ONLY way to eternity with the Lord is that Jesus HAD to die on that Cross and that there is NOTHING you can do EVER to be a Christian.
  3. Now that you have read the Bible, and see what God will’s for us.  Do you do it?  Most importantly do you Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, soul and strength.  Think about that.  Is He your #1 in life…or how far down on the list is He?  (Anything above it is an idol)
  4. Do you imitate Christ.  Jesus was THE example.  So we walk the walk or talk the talk?
  5. Love others?  I am not talking about the way you love your family, but in general do you take the action of Love to others.  Do you Love Christians AS well as people who ACT lost (because they are)
  6. What is your relationship with the world??  ok ok ok  (yes in my head that sounded like Joe Pesce from Good Fellas.  what???? I am Italian! We have to watch all those movies) Let’s go back to the 10 commandments, about how many do you break a day and it NOT bother you?  Do you love the things of the world? Its materials, its pleasures….
  7. Prove Christ is righteous by your life!  Without telling a person of your faith, wearing a cross, going to church, JUST  from watching our lives would they know you were a Christian by your Life?


I have to say next to 1 Peter this is one of those book I could probably read 100 times and love more each time.


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