Who am I?

My name is Patricia Szymanski.  I became a Christian 6 years ago and it has truly changed my whole being.  I have soaked up a lot of scriptures here and there but I really had no concept of the entire picture in the Bible.  How is it that we became such a “Scripture” faith.  We take one scripture and relate it to our lives without knowing why it was written, who it was intended for or the true purpose of it.  So 3 years ago I set out to read the Bible.

In 2009 , I dedicated my time to digging into Scripture.  I committed to no other “bible studies” and only read books that were helpful to the current reads. 2009 was a year that will forever be bookmarked in my heart.  I met some of the most amazing people as we journey through 365 days of God’s Written Word.  I truly went in with a blank slate since I knew very little and everyone helped me along. 

I re read the Bible in 2010 again and the Lord gave me 2011 a year of rest.  This coming year I am more excited than ever to see What the Lord is going to reveal to me! 

I can be reached ANY time at Pszyman@comcast.net .


4 responses

  1. Can you make a facebook group that we can join and easily refer back to these website links?

  2. I am in.

  3. I would love to receive emails, etc… I have made this year a time to listen to God and see what he has instore for my life.

  4. Patricia–
    I thank God for you on a daily basis–a woman whom I have never met, who lives in another state–but whom God is using as a vessel to grow each one of us. If it were not for your blog posts, I don’t believe I would have done such a good job sticking with my plan (or new years resolution, if you want to call it that!). I decided to give up pop & to read the Bible through chronologically this year, and more than halfway through the year, I am proud to say I am sticking with it!

    I also wanted to share with the group historical fiction writer Gilbert Morris. He is amazing! I have read several of his books, and especially like his Lions of Judah series. Right now I’m reading Daughter of Deliverance (the story of Rahab) and it is just amazing. Just another tool that may help bring the stories to life for each of us.

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