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Genesis Overview

I have found that one of the best things I do before I read a book in the Bible is to know who wrote it, when they wrote it, and who they were writing it to.  It makes the scriptures make sense.  If I asked you who wrote the first book of the Bible would you know? If I asked you who wrote the first 5 books of the bible, would you know.  Some people could answer it with “Well, of course”; and others would be like “I have not a clue”.  Until recently, I was the latter.  The author of the first book was actually the author of the first 5.  By the way, when I say author I mean just the vessel that God used. Technically, God wrote the Bible by breathing it into the person who actually penned it.  So in this case, the man who penned the first 5 books was Moses.  Yup, he wrote the first 5 books of the Old Testament. 

The first 5 books are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  They are referred to in different ways by different people.  They are the Books of Law.  The Pentateuch (Penta meaning 5) .  The 5 Scrolls. The Torah.

So, I picture January 1, 2010 coming and us diving into Genesis when I realized that by January 4th we will  actually be making a detour into Job.  To read the Bible Chronologically we are going to have to hop a little.   In January,  we are going to read the famous “In the Beginning….” and then we are going to marinade ourselves in some of the best Scripture ever written (I am sure I will say that more than once)….In January alone,  we will read about the Creation, the Fall, the Flood, how we got different languages, the Abrahamic Covenant, the story of Joseph,  and Jacob’s blessing.  It will be a read of Beginnings.  The  beginning of the world, humans, sin, promises, family, nations, and Covenants (promises).  

So here we go…. Genesis 1-3 is the first read tomorrow. Whooooooo Hooooooooo.


Where will be in the Reading on…

Where will be in the Reading on…

  • New Year: Adam and Eve and the Fall of Man
  • Groundhogs Day: Sodom and Gomorrah!
  • Valentines Day: The Priesthood
  • Ash Wednesday: Rules of Cleanliness
  • Daylight Savings: Balaam and his talking Donkey
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Description of a REAL king and REAL Prophet
  • April Fool’s Day: The story of Gideon
  • Easter: Samson and Delilah
  • Mothers Day: David becomes King after killing Goliath
  • Memorial Day: Solomon (David’s son) asks for Wisdom
  • 4th of July: Ahab’s family is killed
  • October 1: New Testament Begins
  • Halloween: Jesus is teaching his Disciples
  • Thanksgiving: Paul teaches about our Freedom in Christ
  • Christmas: Jude, a letter from Jesus brother
  • New Years Ever: we read AMEN!

Tip # 4 ask for help when behind

Ok. Here is the deal:there is a good chance you are going to have a moment where you lose your place.  Trust ME it happens.  You are going to say ” I don’t  want to skip any…I will catch up”.

Let’s do the math,  it takes about 20 minutes a day for a reading.  If you get behind 5 days you need to find about 2 solid hours just to catch up.

If you get 10 days behind you have to find 4 hours of time.

So my point is: rather than get far behind to the point of giving up …ASK FOR A RECAP.

Email me and say “I left off in chapter__ verse__.  Please recap me to current”.

Most people give up when they get behind.  Don’t be that person…you miss the rest of the Bible.

Tip #3 Have a Plan B

So you have this plan to sit and have a quiet time everyday and it is totally going to be awesome.  For many of you it WILL BE.  And I am jealous of that.  However, my day consists of a job that starts before 7 a.m at a school in Sumner County,  3 kids all in sports, a husband, sports, homework, projects, (tv) and 2 dogs, fish and a hermit crab.

Sooooo I do plan on waking up 30 mins earlier and being still,  HOWEVER, I am not going to let BUSY win. My plan B is to LISTEN to the readings if all else fails.  Pull up Bible Gateway, click AUDIO and listen to it if you have to.  This is a GREAT PLAN B if you are about to get behind.  When can you do this?

  • While getting ready in the morning (I prop my laptop on the ironing board)
  • While folding laundry (it seems everyone flees and it is actually quiet)
  • In the car on your iphone
  • WHILE reading the bible (let the kids look over your shoulder to see if they can follow along)
  • While walking the dogs

I prefer to sit and read but I know that life gets busy and I mess up my priorities.  Rather than fail I need a PLAN B. 🙂

Tip #2 is have 2 prints

Do you have the schedule printed?  Maybe 2 copies.   Click here for a copy to print.

    1. Read in the morning if possible.
    2. Read on your lunch hour (keep schedule at work with a spare Bible)
    3. Read in the pick up line (keep schedule in glove compartment)
    4. Read while the kids are at practice
    5. Read while your kids are reading for Homework
    6. Read in Dr. waiting rooms (makes the wait seem too short now)

Where and when you read is sometimes dictated on the day.  Having a schedule handy for those moments when you have time to spare helps to keep on track, or better yet, to read ahead.

Tip #1. Priority

Hi.  I am not going to lecture you (too much) but I want to pass on something I learned.  If you don’t make this a priority, you will get behind…far behind.   Here are some ways to stay on track…

  1. Do your reading BEFORE you get on Facebook. “Whappp” that hurt huh. (that includes Words with friends and Pinterest too…ouch)
  2. Make this an appointment that can’t be broken.  There is NO REASON you cannot carve out 20 minutes a day to spend with the Lord.
  3. Take this serious.  Let your family know you are doing this and that if they see you reading they should not disturb you.  I tell my kids 2 things…first I say “I am going in”  they know I mean I am going into the Holy of Holies with the Lord (if you don’t know what that means you are going to LOVE studying the Tabernacle with me).  Second, I say UNLESS there is blood I don’t want to be disturbed not even if you are HUNGRY!
  4. Be an example.  We ask our kids to read 20 mins a day, saddle up next to them while they are reading.  It’s Beautiful to let your family see you in the Word.  Beautiful.
  5. 5.  Re-read RULE #1.

How this Works…

You will follow the Schedule and read the reading of the day.  I will post a short (hopefully) comment on the blog about the daily reading.  There is a place for people to share more or ask questions.

Here is the Schedule we are going to follow CLICK HERE.  Print it and tuck it in your Bible.

If you cannot pull it up email me and I will send you a different format.

If you want to see how the blog looked 2 years ago when we did it CLICK HERE.

My e-mail is

2012 is almost here!

None of what I am about to tell you is coming out of my brain.  I have stumbled across some great literature this past year and I kept some notes. Every post has a comment section, may I encourage all of you to use it for:

  • Adding information/opinion that others could gain from.
  • Asking questions, if you are thinking it …. I know someone else is too! SO PLEASE ASK.
  • The honesty of how difficult this is going to be.  This is a test of time, discipline and obedience.

Our faith is not dependent on human knowledge and scientific advance, but on the message of the Word of God. William Lyon Phelps, a former president of Yale University said “I thouroughly believe in a university education for both men and woman; but I believe a knowledge of the Bible without a college course is more valuable than a college course without the Bible”.

Some fun facts: 

The Bible is 66 books all inspired by  God.  He used 40 authors (yes there are books Paul did not write).  The Bible covers a time period of about 1,600 years.  The Old Testament  was written in Hebrew, the New Testament  was written in Greek.  The word BIble in Greek is Biblos, meaning “book” .  The word Testament means “Covenant”, or agreement.  SO the Old Testament is a covenant with His people before Christ.  The New Testament is His agreement after Christ. 

The Old Testament books has 5 Law books, 12 Historical Books, 5 Poetical Books, and 17 Prophetical Books 5 major; 12 Minors.

The Old Testament: Christ quoted from 22 OT books:  in Matthew 19 times, in Mark 15 times, in Luke 25 times and in John 11 times, (the book of Hebrews quotes the OT 85 times and Revelation quotes the OT 245 times!) it must be important to still know even though we were born under the New Covenant.

So we are about to read 31,102 verses and about 775,693 words.  Sources say it takes about 80 hours to complete the Bible (they have no idea how slow of a reader I am) but I figured God is giving us 8736 hours this year to find only 80 to Read the Book He wrote for us.  I can do it. (.009) of my year! C’Mon.

Reading the Bible

I could not be more excited for 2012!!!!!  I commit to reading through the Bible in 2012.  It is about a 3 Chapter a day commitment. 

I just know that I am closest to the Lord when I am in the Word. I also know that when I am not in an accountability group that will pray for me, correct me, and encourage me when I get behind….I would fail.  Big Time.  So my way of reading the Bible in 2012 is by being accountable and committed to this journey! 

I am hoping that we can come together, with all our different traditions, practices and styles and read the Scriptures as ONE church body.  THE church body.  If you think you may want to journey with me,  click here and look at an example of the blog posts from 2 years ago to see if it might be something the Lord leads you to do this year approaching.