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1 Kings 3-4, 2 Chron 1, Psalm 72

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1 Kings 3 and 4.  The moment I read who Solomon marries I was like “are you kidding me!” We have heard it time and time again…you have got to go to Church to find a good woman!  You all hopefully remember the rules on Marriage for the Israelites.  Well, let the fun begin I guess.

  • IMPORTANT:  the point of the telling you where people were sacrificing was to show you that they were not following the law.  They were only supposed to make sacrifices at appointed places by the Lord and supervised by the priests. Gibeon is where they should have been all going to; that is where the tabernacle was with the Bronze alter and the Tent of Meeting.  The Ark however was in Jerusalem.

A Discerning Heart: Is that what you would have asked for? If you could ask God for one thing what would it be? But imagine being Wise.  A wisdom that came only from the Lord.  Knowing WHAT to do in difficult times. What decisions to make.   Knowing what to say.  Should I do this or this?  Wisdom is knowing what to do with our knowledge.  God will give us wisdom if first, we ask for it and second we TRULY believe that he will give it to us.

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does. (James 1:5-7)

Love the prostitute baby story! I could write a ton today but I won’t!. 

Psalm 72.  Yes this Psalm is a prayer for Solomon but it is a prayer for the real King of Kings.  Verse 17, which is quoted in Genesis and in Luke is a prophecy of the King that will reign over ALL nations forever.


Day 150. Wow. Psalm 119:1-88

Two days ago we read the shortest chapter in the Bible, Today we will read half of the longest Chapter in the Bible.  Psalm 119  (click)is a Psalm focused on the  life we have when deep-rooted in Reverence for God.

Warning: Do not “Audio” this Psalm.  This is not a YouVersion listen.  Why? because this is written in the first person so that when YOU read it you are SPEAKING directly to the Lord.  You will read about HIM having to make sense of the Bible FOR you.  HIM teaching you what all this means.  It is quite amazing!

There are 176 verses, and every verse (except 4) mentions God under one or 10 different names.  He is called: law, statutes, decrees, commands, precepts, word, ways (paths),  decrees, promised and judgements.

This poem is an Acrostic, or an Alphabetic Psalm.  It has 22 Stanza’s and each begins with a letter in the Hebrew alphabet, in sequence (If it were written in Hebrew but I can’t read Hebrew….).  Each stanza has 8 lines. And Each stanza begins with the alphabetic letter.  If you’re not sure what I mean, look at the Psalm.  See the words Aleph, Beth, Gimel…Those are the Hebrew alphabet letters,  Each one has a meaning and when the Bible was originally written in Hebrew the first word in each stanza was that letter.

The author of this Psalm is suggested to be Ezra, and written  after the temple was rebuilt.

We read 11 Stanzas and each was AMAZING. (I should show you how much I underlined!) If you have time today I encourage you to take 1 of the Stanza’a and reread it and look up each cross-reference.  I actually did it with Aleph.  Here is what I did with it

  • Verse 2…the word AND really popped out at me.  It didn’t say Or, it said And.
  • Verse 3.  They do nothing wrong?  Look up 1John 3:9.  When we have Christ in us He does stop our habits of sinning.  There is evidence in the way we live that we have a relationship with Christ.
  • Verse 7. As I learn your ways.  The x-ref was Dt 4:8.  Remember those Chapters about Obedience vs Disobedience.  Obedience is learning His ways.

Which Alphabet letter did you dissect.  Please share. BY thew way Day 150!!!! WOW.

1 Kings 1-2, Psalm 37, 71, 94

Buckle up for this read.  A ton of info.  I think it was all pretty self-explanatory (yet can be confusing), so I will just review some ‘Why’s’ that may be our there.

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David dies at age 70 and Solomon took over at the age of 19.  First, you can’t blame Adonijah for assuming the throne, he was the oldest surviving son, however, it was not what God had appointed. And his tactic was very wrong.

Also, when he was asking for that girl to marry from David’s Harem, that was a political move.  Taking a kings woman was a power play move.  A loud statement for the kingdom to hear.  Solomon had no choice but to kill him. (But also KNOW that she is BEAUTIFUL because we will read about her again in Song of Songs)

Nathan was David’s prophet but also Solomon’s teacher growing up.  Actually,  back in 2 Samuel 12:25, Nathan calls Solomon Jedidiah meaning “The Lord’s Darling” (isn’t that one of the characters in The Night at the Museum movie)

The rest of the chapters may have seem to read like the Jewish Mafia was in town killing off people left and right,  but it was necessary.  In past books we read chapter after chapter of the Lord saying “rid this sin”.  Well, Solomon, wiser than David, and  is actually doing it. So who should go and who should stay you ask?

Joab.  We have read about him quite a bit.  Hot tempered little man huh.  Every time someone is promoted over him,  he killed them.  He also killed people when directly advised not to be by David,  like Abner and Absalom.  But this was his last political scheme.  He jumped to join Adonijah’s team.  Solomon finally got rid of him, something David should have done long ago.

Abithar the High Priest, also went to side with Adonijah.  He was from the family of Eli.  Remember Eli as the priest in the tent with young Samuel.  Well there was a prophecy back in 1 Samuel 2:31 declaring that this priestly line would end forever.  In Kings 1:26-27 this prophecy was fulfilled. (hint: ALL prophecy is fulfilled :)   )

Shimei.  There are 2 different Shimei in this chapter.  A good man, and the one bad one. We remember the bad one right.  The man that cursed at David, and David gave him grace on the matter.  Well, it was his time to go too.

Solomon built  his staff with loyal men like Zadok and Benaiah, and the chapter ends “The Kingdom was firmly established in Solomon’s hands”.

Dont forget to read the 3 Psalms that are assigned. 


Kings Overview

Just like the two Samuel books were originally one book, so were the  Chronicles, and so were the  Kings  also written as 1 book, but separated when translated.  Kings picks up chronologically right where we left off (Always a little overlap too).  We are not sure who wrote the books of Kings but Jewish Tradition credits Jeremiah as the person God used to pen these books.

In the Kings,  we will cover the next 400 years in these books. Let me repeat that.  THE NEXT 400 years.  People,  we are already at 971 bc, and the last 400 years leading to the Cross are “silent” soooo this is a HUGE chunk you want to read!) 

 It takes us from David’s death to the golden age of Solomon, The Temple, the Division of the North and South making two separate kingdoms: Israel and Judah, the Fall of Samaria and the destruction of Jerusalem. 

The books of Kings and Chronicles show how each decision in Israel’s history had a corresponding effect on the nation. We will start off with a stable united kingdom and end with total collapse and mass deportation to Babylon.  Some parts of these books might seem dry at times but as far as World History these are two of the most important books we have in the world. 

The period of the prophets will be also be introduced in Kings with Elijah.

The next few weeks we will be skipping between Kings, Chronicles, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs,  and Ecclesiastes. (Dawn, you can do this…it will be ok my little accounting friend)  Click here if you need a fresh schedule.

Psalm 111-118

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These psalms are grouped together as the Hallel psalms.   Hallel means praise.  Hallelujah, meaning Praise God.  These psalms were traditionally sung on Passover, so as you read them picture the very night of the last supper Jesus Himself praising the Lord with these words. What an honor it is to have a Bible to read these, isnt it)  I won’t write about all the psalms, I am sure you are bored with me.   Here are the ones that hit me (today).

Psalm 111: Wow, what a great psalm.  I truly felt like you have to know your Savior to understand this Psalm.  The last verse actually really caught me.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
       all who follow his precepts have good understanding.
       To him belongs eternal praise.

I know we have talked about it in the past but I think it deserves a second mention. 

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
       and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10)

To fear is to revere, to respect,  to trust and surrender to the Lord.  Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge pleasing to the Lord.

Also the verse before that, He provided Redemption for his people…Redemption  means to make a payment for something.  To pay for something.  Jesus was our Redeemer because He paid the price for our sins.  He took all that from us so that we can have an eternity in the Lord.  Isn’t that worth singing a Psalm about.

Psalm 116  The whole Psalm spoke to me because I am noting in the Bible that we need to call  him to Save us.  He waits for us to call on Him.  Why do we wait so long?  The other verse in this Psalm is “I will fulfill my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people”.  Some of us are Very comfortable with our Christianity in front of others.  However, due to cultural and geographical differences, some of us are not as bold with it.  In the South,  it is “hip” to be Christian, in other parts of the country it is “freakish” to be so bold about Jesus. Trust me I know, my own family talks behind my back.   We all have our Tests of Faith.  That is one of them.

Psalm 117.  Just wanted you to know that this was the shortest chapter in the entire Bible.  Also look up the cross reference noted in your margin: in Romans Paul quotes it but changes the name from nation to Gentiles. NICE!!!

Psalm 118:I don’t know why I do this but whenever I read a Psalm I look to see how long it is.  I don’t know why, I just do.  In my head I dread the long ones but I have actually found the long ones are the ones that I read and love!  I KNOW there are verses in this Psalm you underlined.   It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man! (verse 8).

The stone the builders rejected
       has become the capstone

This was quoted in 3 of the 4 Gospels.  A capstone is the center brick at the top of an Arch.  Without it there is no support and it all comes crashing down.

    This is the day the LORD has made;
       let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

1 Chron 26-29, Psalm 127

On a scale of 1-10 I rank todays read a 12. I found it glorifying, sad, historical, entertaining, and God centered.   Click here for the reading.  Read it carefully…there is a lot of Detail. I know the day is half over I am sorry for my tardiness…I got wrapped up in some projects today. 

OK, here is the deal, some of the chapters we may never read again in our lifetime.  We may never study them or feel led to read them again.  Just in case that is true,  I tried to really concentrate on these.  I  also try to make notes in my Bible knowing I will forget!  This is what I think of…I want my kids to be able to pick up my Bible and learn from my notes after I am no longer here.  Here were some of my notes from Chapter 26 and 27:

  • 26:1 Korahites…Moses Family
  • 25:4-5 Obed-Edom.  Sound familiar? Go back to 2Sam 6.  When Uzzah dies fixing the stumbling Ark and David didn’t know what to do so he parked the Ark at someone’s house for 3 months.  Guess who’s house…Obed-Edom…that is why he was blessed.
  • 26:18: Korah and Merari
  • 26:32 Did any one else read this and say “Hey…the Transjordan tribe!”
  • Army Divisions: The names were not that familiar but the cross reference was redundant, so I looked it up.  Some of them are the Mighty Men we read about in Chap 23
  • 27:15 Was that Othniel the Judge?
  • 27:23…When David took the census out of Pride….
  • 27:33…I am sure you recognized the names from the time of Absalom, but Chronicles is about the heritage of God’s Chosen People, not about all that “lesson”, so it left all that Joab stuff out.
  • 26:10-11 cross reference Duet 21:15

The rest of this book really grabbed my heart.  This is the “take away” for me.  Every fiber of David’s being is to Worship the Lord.  With his heart, soul, and mind.  He states that everything that has been given to him is from the Lord.  Everything.  He is a leader by example (now there is a modern day question).  He is so obedient! All those Psalms are just falling into place for me.  He never once gave up on the Lord.  His enemies were out to kill him, some of them were his closest friends and he took refuge knowing in the end, the big picture God always prevails.  Well look at him here.  The Lord gives him the exact plans for the temple, just as Moses was for the tabernacle (Exodus 25).

So God chose Solomon.  This inexperienced man to be the next king and the builder of the Temple.  David gives Solomon Godly advice (28:9..) and we are all the audience on that.

  • Get to know God personally
  • Learn what God asks of us
  • Worship God wholeheartedly
  • Serve God willingly and honestly
  • Be faithful
  • Don’t become discouraged

David’s Prayer.  No words can describe this prayer and the paragraph to follow it.

Psalm 127: A Psalm written by Solomon.  I actually didn’t know that Solomon wrote a Psalm. And I loved it.  Imagine Life without God? Seriously.  I used to think it was scary to give God control of my life. I admit it, I did.  Now I think, imagine if God wasn’t? I didn’t realize the Peace I had, the comfort He gave me until I though about Him not there.

Psalm 131, 138, 139, 143, 144, 145

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Psalm 131:  Start paying attention to how MUCH scripture there is on PRIDE verse any other sin.

Psalm 138: verse 6…but the proud He knows from afar.  Pride is brought up so much in the bible.  When I read this,  I read it as a ‘separator’.  The definition in my Bible for Pride is an excessively high opinion of oneself.    When we are prideful we are pretty far from God.

Psalm 139:Very Popular Psalm…especially in the Veggie Tale World …verse 13(I am a mom of 3).   This Psalm actually made me think a little different this time.  God knows me so well that He knows what is going to be my next thought.  How does He know that, because He knows my heart.  Yikes! The last verses hit me,

Search me, O God, and know my heart;
       test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me,
       and lead me in the way everlasting.

When I starting praying “Lord, if  it does not please you, change it in me, make that language,, that thought, that action…make it displeasing to me too”

Psalm 143:  We know from these Psalms the real life David led.  But I read it this morning and it talked to me pretty loudly.  We all have that “thing” in our life that we fight.  Business, pride, depression, over eating, loneliness, addiction, loss, failure…It pursues us.  Satan wants nothing less than for us to be in the slimy pit. 

  • Close your eyes.
  • Think of the one thing the enemy whispers to you that you hate.
  • It pursues you.  It controls you.
  • Now read this Psalm. Click here.  Change the version if you need.
  • If you lean into this God,He can crush whatever it is that has a hold of us.

Psalm 144.  SO what part was your favorite

  • The song in your head when you read the first  2 verses….Rock, Fortress, Stronghold, Deliverer, Shield, Refuge….
  • The humbling next verse that in God’s time our life is just a breath….
  • The Battle cry of How God actually fights our wars for us
  • The person plead for the Battle within us
  • Or the prayer for prosperity for the next generation

Psalm 145.    I felt like the psalmist was speaking of what he wished for the next generation…They will Praise your name and then it was like there was this Ah Ha moment where He thought…No, it will start right Here…I WILL Praise your name.  When we vision the life we wish for our kids to have with the Lord, why do we not wish that hard for us?

1 Chron 23-25

Click here.  If you choose to skim the names (huh, not you! Stop and read the paragraphs…they are good)

This may not have fascinated you but wasn’t it cool to see what David has done.  He has brought it back like the days of Moses.  A nation that is organized, sacrificing, worshipping, and united. 

There are 24 Divisions for service in the Sanctuary.  All the names mentioned can be traced back to the original High Priest, Aaron (Moses brother).  The Ark is in it’s permanent city so there is no need to carry the tabernacle anymore so the duties are regarding maintaining and worshipping it in Jerusalem.

The duty of the Levites was to help Aaron’s descendants in the service of the temple of the Lord: to be in charge of the courtyards, the side rooms, the purification of all sacred things and the performance of other duties at the house of God.  (23:28)

We are getting ready for the TEMPLE.  This is what you are reading today.  Very cool history.

You may have recognized some of the names of the Levites and also some of the names of the prophets.  I love how Chapter 25 talked about the authors of the Psalms as Prophets.

One ironic little bit was this line of Levites was the very same line of priests that actually orchestrated the crucifixion of Christ.  Very Sad.

By the way it’s my birthday! 🙂

Psalm 108, 109, 110

Clicketh Hereth

Psalm 108: Some of this may have sounded familiar to you, it was a combination of two other Psalms.  This psalm written by David must have been a battle prayer since the enemies of Israel are named in it.

Psalm 109: Harsh huh?  Let me ask you a question, if we could record your thoughts on a bad day, at home, at work, looking at the neighbors, driving, thinking, e-mailing…and then played them on a loud speaker, would you?  Psalm 109 is called  an ‘imprecatory’ or cursing Psalms.  Although it seems harsh, David (like Jesus) is hated by his enemies for no reason.  His prayer here is for God to handle the evil.  David knows that God is just and right.  Clearly David is angry, but the right thing is to leave it in the Lord’s hands.

Psalm 110: Did the name Melchizedek pop out at you? It did me, so I took the time to look it up.  Hmmmmm what I found was most interesting.  Way way back in Genesis 14 there was this verse out of no where:

Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was priest of God Most High,  and he blessed Abram, saying,
       “Blessed be Abram by God Most High,
       Creator of heaven and earth.  And blessed be God Most High,
       who delivered your enemies into your hand.”
      Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything.

Stay with me here for a moment..I want your opinion.  Then the Psalm says:

“You are a priest forever,
       in the order of Melchizedek.”

Then…Hebrews chapter 5 says:

No one takes this honor upon himself; he must be called by God, just as Aaron was. So Christ also did not take upon himself the glory of becoming a high priest. But God said to him,
   ”You are my Son;
      today I have become your Father.And he says in another place,
   ”You are a priest forever,
      in the order of Melchizedek.”

So who is he?The King of Salem (Jerusalem)! The name Melchizedek  in Hebrew means ‘King of Righteousness’; The King of Salem means ‘the King of Peace.

Hmmmmmm. What are you thinking? Possible?  Could Christ have made an Old Testament Appearance? For Fun? Why…why not?

(if you are interested in the blog from Genesis 14 click here)

Journey of the Ark

(This is the same Ark that Indiana Jones is looking for by the way)

What we know is that the Ark of the Covenant was the place where God met and talked to Moses, it was made out of Acacia wood and covered with Gold.  It didn’t “house” the Lord, it was just a means of the Lord having community with us.  The Tabernacle was then built for the Ark.

  • Back in Exodus 25 God gave Moses directions to build the Ark. 
  • Then in Exodus 26 the Veil.  This veil needed specific instruction because it was to be strong!  The only thing that would tear the Veil would be the Lord.  Oh and He did alright!. 
  • Then in Exodus 40 the Ark is now in the Tabernacle
  • The Ark moves (carried!) in the wandering for 40 years.
  • In Joshua 3, the Priests carry the Ark across the Jordan River
  • In Joshua 6 the Ark is carried to Jericho
  • In Joshua 8 the Tabernacle moves to Shiloh. (stays there a long time)
  • In Judges 20 the Ark is taken to Bethel
  • Then we hear about it again when we meet Samuel, who is caring for it as a child
  • Then the Philistines take the Ark! 1 Sam 4
  • 2 Chapters later they return it! LOL.
  • Then some men looked into the Ark.  Why? to see God.  Uhhh they are dead.
  • IN 1 Samuel 7 the Ark is brought to Abinadab’s  and it stays there for 20 years.
  • Saul then makes the mistake of bringing the Ark with him to the battle camp. (lucky charm)
  • We clearly remember the Ark moving on the ox cart and Uzzah stabilizing it.  Ouch! SO the Ark was halted at the house of Obed-Edom for 3 months.
  • The Ark is was carried through the gates of the City of David, Jerusalem and put in a tent.
  • Today we read it is brought to the Threshing floor, the very place the Temple will be built.

Later the Ark will be put in the temple, and where it is now…only God knows.  Was it destroyed in the Temple? was it stolen by Nebuchadnezzar? or did the priests hide it?  Another one of God’s great mysteries.

Faith would be EASY if we had evidence,  wouldn’t it?  We would be able to say with our head, “see, God does exist…Here is Noah’s Ark, or here are Moses’ Bones, here are the 10 commandments, here is the Ark of the Covenant”.

In Hebrews 11:1 we learn the definition of Faith:

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  

(Plus we wouldn’t have the Movies “Raiders of the Lost Ark”)