If you think you can find 25 mins a day in this rat race world we live in, think again.  I do think it is sad that we can’t pull 25 minutes a side to be alone with the Lord after all He has blessed us with, but it is true.   So here are some tips that will totally help you get through 365 days!

  • Have a Bible and a schedule ready and in a good place to do this.
  • More importantly,  buy a little inexpensive one and keep it in your car or purse.  You will find that waiting in the car, sitting in the Dr’s waiting room, sports practices, pick up lines,  kids running late will actually be carved out times to read!   You will learn to love the times that usually annoy us as a waste to be our MOST productive this year.
  • LISTEN to an Audio Bible!  Often times while I am folding laundry, cleaning, or doing my hair I listen to my 3 chapters (Bible Gateway) rather than read them. It is the Word of God anyway we take it in!
  • It is ok to read ahead.  If God prompts you to keep moving…keep moving OR even better dig deeper .
  • Also, humble yourself to ask the obvious.  Do we think so much of ourselves that we can’t say “What is that?  Why?  Who?”  Be prepared to learn things you thought you knew.

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  1. I’m excited to go on this journey…I’m ready to dig deep and grow in my relationship with Jesus 🙂

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