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This book is pretty self-explanatory and you will know exactly which part is speaking to you. Ummm you will know when you cringe.  I don’t need to talk about any part of this book to have God speak to your heart so the only thing I want to talk about is Scripture reading. 

One of the first things my Barnabas told me was “never read just one scripture”, it is easy to take it out of context.    James and Paul are going to preach together tomorrow and I want you to know their messages are complimentary not contradictory.

James 2:17 “faith by itself, if not accompanied without action, is dead” 

Don’t read this and say “Trish, I thought you said there is NOTHING we can do to get to heaven that all that is required (James 6) is Faith. 

Can such faith save you? No.  Why? because we spent 3 years with Jesus and He let us know very clearly that true faith in the Father produces fruit (remember all the fig parables).  It’s not that Faith won’t save you, it is that IF you have real faith, there is an evidence in your life, and that is the kind of faith that saves you.  James will even compare the mighty Abraham to the prostitute Rehab and both are “saved” people because they both showed evidence of salvation.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


James Overview

First, let’s figure out which James this is.  Since we started the New Testament we have actually read about 4 of them.

  • James the father of Judas (Luke 6:16)
  • James the son of Alphaeus (Mt 10:3)
  • James, the son of Zebedee (Acts 12) the one that just dies, Jesus  Apostle
  • James, the brother of Jesus (half-brother)

The author of this book is not the apostle James but the Brother.  James, Jesus’ brother,  was not a believer until the Resurrection.  He was  assumed married and a very devout Jew and coined the nickname “Camel Knees” since the man had calloused bruised knees like a camel from praying for such long periods of times.

The book of James is called a “General Letter”.  The General Letters are not directed at a particular location like some other books we will read.  James was written generally to Jewish Christians or some call them Christian Jews.     A Jewish person has been brought up with the Laws of Moses.  Well, how does one now Worship the Lord since the Law has been fulfilled?

If you like the Proverbs you will Love James!  It is practical advice regarding : being rich and poor, pride, humility, wisdom, patience, prayer, controlling the tongue (ouch), and most importantly, faith and actions.

I read James years ago and someone once said to me “James is about doing deeds because you are a Christian, not to be a Christian”.  The evidence of Salvation is Fruit, right?