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I am not going to try to assume I know exactly the true meaning from God’s lens of this Book.  We are all in different stages of our Faith so we should all just peel off the layer that God speaks to us about.  It might be about your relationship with Christ, the Church, or just simply your marriage.  All three relationships through God’s eyes are so important to Him.  From the beginning of Adam and Eve we are called to be one with our spouse.  God created Love for us to Delight in it.  It is a precious Gift that we take for granted.

Chapter 1: They express their love for each other and that is not being common that attracts her to him.

Chapter 2: Remembering the courtship and how little problems were easily rectified back then.

Chapter 3: How much we want that True Love.  The One! Whether it is missing in our Life or our Faith, there was a time when we searched vigorously for it. These are in dream sequences.

Chapter 4: The wedding night is so special.  It has so much to do with the love of 2 people.  That undying desire to be with that person.

Chapter 5: Another dream of not having that mate. Imagine waking up and your spouse or God is missing.  How would you feel, how would you describe fully?

Chapter 6: Praising the Bride’s beauty.  Whether it be the spouse or the Church, there is nothing more beautiful through God’s eyes than a Bride.

Chapter 7: (If you want to hear a sermon by  David Nasser  to hear a message from God through the Mouth of Nasser regarding the Church as a bride…click here, it will blow you away).

Chapter 8: Remembering how the friends and family were a wall of protection as the young girl grew up.

Here is a picture of a Bride.

A Yemenite Jewish bride with traditional dress


Solomon (Song of Songs) Overview

Tomorrow we read a new book.

Much debate over this book.  Actually when the council of Jamnia in 90 A.D. was affirming the Old Testament books they questioned 5 of them for use in the  Synagogues.

  1. The book of Esther does not contain the name God at all
  2. Some passages in Proverbs appeared controversial (hmm wonder if it was 31..hee hee)
  3. Ezekiel chapters 40-48, conflicting with Moses Law
  4. Ecclesiastes was too Pessimistic
  5. Song of Solomon for its sexual nature

But if every emotion we have,  was given to us from the Lord, why would the gift of love and pleasure be omitted?

This book also is known as an allegory of God’s love for His people. Jesus is Solomon and we are his Bride; the church.  To the Jews it would be the Exodus, when God took His people to Him.  Others say it is a literal meaning of love, marriage and sex.  And some say it is Both.

This book is about Sex, Love, Commitment, Beauty and Problems.

There are 3 Characters in this book.

  • Beloved (the peasant girl)
  • Lover (Solomon)
  • Friends (Friends)

This Poem was written probably while Solomon was still young.  He fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the land, Abishag the Shulammite (the woman who cared for David on his deathbed)

Solomon eventually will have over 700 wives and 300 concubines. (Bless their hearts).

So enjoy the read and I am sure this would make for a great Bible Study! (LOL)