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1 Peter

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I feel a little guilty but I did not read it…I listened to it.  Although I have to say some parts I hit rewind and listened twice.  What a GREAT book written to us.   God covers so many lessons to life in these 5 chapters

I would LOVE to know which subsection was the read that God had a Word for you.

Salvation of the Believer

  • Hope for the Future
  • Trials for the Present
  • Anticipation in the Past

Sanctification of the Believer

  • Be Holy
  • Love one Another
  • Desire the Pure Milk of the World
  • Offer us Spiritual Sacrifices
  • Abstain from Fleshly Lusts

The Submission of the Believer

  • Submission to Government
  • Submission in Business
  • Submission in Marriage
  • submission in All of Life

The Suffering of the Believer

  • Conduct in suffering
  • Christ’s example of suffering
  • Commands in Suffering
  • Minister in Suffering